DIY Nail Art Design Ideas You Can Rock at the Big Party

DIY Nail Art Design Ideas You Can Rock at the Big Party

Sport festive fingertips with these DIY nail art design ideas
are perfect for New Year’s Eve!

DIY Nail Art Design Ideas You Can Rock at the Big Party


1. Black & Silver With Gold Stars

Nothing beats glittery and shiny nails that just grab attention
at a New Year’s Eve party. It’s a night with champagne and
fireworks, after all. With a touch of stars on this DIY nail
, you’ll feel out of this world. With this collection
of YouTube nail art videos and blogs, you can better follow the
nail art tutorials, step by step. We’re just getting started,
so read on for more!

2. Glitter Gradient Nail Art

Glitter Gradient Nail Art | DIY Nail Art Design Ideas For New Year's EveGlitter Gradient Nail Art
Photo by More Beauty

Looking for easy nail designs for short nails? We have that,
and of course, we have one that’s also perfect for New Year’s
Eve. To get this glittery ombre look
on your short nails
, apply a champagne base color, first.
Then, use a makeup sponge to dab black glitter polish on the
edge of your nails. Lastly, take your favorite top coat and
apply a layer.

3. Midas’ Touch

Midas' Touch | DIY Nail Art Design Ideas For New Year's EveMidas’ Touch Photo by

There are four DIY nail designs on this list from Cosmo, but we
are partial to the ‘Midas Touch,” especially for New Year’s
Eve. This gold and fuchsia nail polish certainly screams,
“Let’s party!” The nail design may look high-end and fancy, but
it’s really easy to DIY. Find out for yourself and
might as well check out the rest of the DIY nail designs

4. White and Gold Glitter Gradient Nail Art

This fun and actually easy gradient
nail art design
is something you can wear from Christmas to
New Year! Gold glitter on white nails perfectly nails the
spirit of the season, but you can experiment with other colors
using this gradient technique.

5. New Years Nail Art |
Freehand DIY

This New Year DIY nail art design
may require some working time but it’ll be worth it. It does
look intricate, but with the proper tools, you can really nail
it in time for the big party.

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6. New Years Eve Party Nails

The secret to standout nails for a big New Year’s blowout is
uniqueness. How do you that? How about painting each of your
nails a different design? Take these New Year Eve party nails with a
variety of designs, but are not so over the top. It gives off a
dramatic effect perfect paired with a sexy New Year’s party outfit.

7. Party People Nail Art

Here’s a fantastic idea! How about recreating a New Year’s Eve party scene on
your nails
? It can be a bit intimidating but no DIY-er will
back down from this challenge. The idea is to color your nails
ombre, then do a French tip with an artsy twist.

8. Elegant New Years Nail Art

Now, for this New Year’s countdown-worthy
nail art design
, we might need to channel a little bit of
our inner nail artist. Don’t worry, because this tutorial will
see you though. Just follow the step-by-step process, and with
a little practice, you’ll be good to go.

9. Happy New Year Nail Art

Teens will especially love this New Year’s nail art for their own. The
white stars and ‘Happy New Year’ against the glittery blue nail
color is so millennial, nothing is more perfect for the
celebration of a new year!

10. Fireworks Inspired Nail Art

A sexy party outfit will definitely go well with this firework nail art design. And, will
also go well for the New Year’s Eve party! A heavy to a light
stroke of a striper/liner brush will do the trick of creating
the lines. Mixing and matching the colors for the lines will
make it shine even better!


Want the latest in nail art design ideas? Watch this
video from Beauty& Ideas Nail Art for the latest nail art
designs for 2019:

Why spend big bucks at nail salons when you can do easy nail
art designs by hand on your own? You can do it with these
fun nail art design ideas you can DIY easily. They’re
pretty festive and party-perfect, too. Make sure to plan your
whole look and work out well-done nails with your equally
trendy outfit. Have a great time on the New Year’s Eve party!

Which of these DIY nail art design ideas are you
eyeing to match your New Year’s Eve party outfit? We’re excited
to know all about it in your comments below!

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